75000 Body Screen TX - Inaccuracies during measurement

The Body Screen TX is a powerful body composition monitoring tool that provides accurate measurements thanks to its precise sensor technology. The measurement methodology achieves a particularly high level of accuracy, especially for the most important data such as percentage body fat & muscle mass.  

Despite advanced technology, inaccuracies may occur in some measurements, especially body circumferences. This is due to the indirect calculation based on conversion formulas. To improve the accuracy of the measurements, it is advisable to consider the following solutions: 

  1. Optimize the measurement conditions: Carry out the measurement under consistent conditions, ideally every morning after getting up on an empty stomach. Avoid taking measurements after physical exertion or under stress. 
  2. Correct handling of the sensors: Make sure that the handles are gripped and held correctly during the measurement. This ensures reliable transmission of the measurement data. 
  3. Minimize interfering factors: Avoid wearing thick clothing or having electronic devices close to the body during the measurement. This can influence the measurement results. 
  4. Sufficient extension of the arms: Keep the arms sufficiently far away from the body during the measurement to avoid interference. 
  5. Avoid movements: Rest quietly during the measurement and avoid excessive movement to achieve accurate results.

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