Some malfunctions can be caused by errors that you can easily fix by yourself. To do so, please follow the suggested solutions from the following overview.

If the error persists, please contact our service department. Please use the following link to do so.

Possible Cause

Computer does not turn onNo power supply.
Faulty cable connection
Check all cable connections and the funktion of the socket.
Pulse display via hand pulse sensors faulty.

No pulse signal is transmitted.

Make sure that the hand pulse sensors are embraced with both hands.

Check the hand pulse sensor connection to the computer.

A pulse signal that is too weak / an irregular one is transmitted.If the palms are too dry, the pulse transmission may be disturbed. If necessary, moisten your palms lightly with water.

Heart rate display via heart rate belt faulty (5.0 - 5.5 kHz / Bluetooth connection*).

Batteries empty.
Check batteries, change if necessary.
Wrongly positioned heart rate belt.
Position the chest strap correctly and moisten it slightly if necessary.
Incompatible heart rate belt.
Use a compatible heart rate belt.
Interference signals in the environment.

Exclude interfering signals (e.g. mobile phone, Bluetooth.

WLAN connections).

No Bluetooth connection.*
Check the Bluetooth connection and, if necessary, activate the Bluetooth function on the computer.
No Bluetooth connection (for speaker playback)*.
No Bluetooth connection.*
Check Bluetooth connection between player and computer and establish connection if necessary.
No Bluetooth connection (for app use)*.
No Bluetooth connection.*
Check the Bluetooth connection between the mobile end device and the computer. Please note that the connection must be established via the device selection (search function) in the app.
No WLAN connection.*
WLAN function on the computer deactivated.
Check WLAN function and activate if necessary.
No connection to the WLAN network (hotspot / router).
Check your router configuration.
No speed / RPM display.The speed sensor does not transmit a signal to the computer.
Check all cable connections.
No / incorrect calorie consumption display.
Computer malfunction.
Check that the computer is functioning correctly.
No resistance adjustment possible.Computer malfunction.
Check all cable connections and the computer for proper functioning.
Faulty connection to the control unit / brake mechanism.

* Model-dependent function. You can find out whether your device is compatible in the operating instructions.

No resistance adjustment possible.
Slipped / damaged drive belt.
Open the housing and check the drive belt.
Brake mechanism damaged / faulty.
Open the housing and check the brake mechanism.
Play in the joints.
Faulty assembly / screws have come loose.
Check all screws for tightness.
Sluggish movement.Bearings are not sufficiently lubricated.
Open the bearings and, if necessary, lubricate them as specified in the instructions (not necessary for ball-bearing units).
Blockage in the drive.
Open the housing and make sure that the drive is not blocked and the belt is properly fitted.
Noise generation.
For grinding noises from inside the housing.
Open the housing and make sure that all mechanical components inside the unit are properly mounted.
For knocking noises coming from bearings / axles.
Check all screws for tightness and make sure that the axles are not damaged.
Unit wobbles / has no firm stand.
Alignment of the feet.
Check the adjustable feet.

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